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图片 1巧克力吃得多得诺Bell奖可能率大

On the roof of the last house in a little village was a stork's nest. The mother stork sat in it with her four young ones, who stuck out their heads with their little black beaks. (You see, their beaks had not yet turned red as they would in time.) And a little way off, all alone on the ridge of the roof, stood Father Stork, very upright and stiff. He was really a sentry on guard but, so that he would not be entirely idle, he had drawn up one leg. My, how grand he looked, standing there on one leg! So still you might have thought he was carved from wood!

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

Eating more chocolate improves a nation's chances of producing Nobel Prize winners - or at least that's what a recent study appears to suggest. But how much chocolate do Nobel laureates eat, and how could any such link be explained?近来一项研究申明:巧克力消耗越来越多,国民获得诺Bell奖的可能率更加大。那么诺Bell奖获得者们的巧克力消耗量是多少吧?这一个中的联系该怎么着讲授啊?



The study's author, Franz Messerli of Colombia University, started wondering about the power of chocolate after reading that cocoa was good for you。该商讨的小编,来自哥伦比亚共和国学院的FranzMesserli在翻阅可可有益身万事如意康的稿子后最初了此项斟酌。

"It must look pretty fine for my wife to have a sentry standing by her nest!" he thought. "People don't know I'm her husband; they'll think I'm a servant, ordered to stand here on guard. It looks very smart, I must say."So he went on, standing on one leg.

Just list some items about the life I always dream of:

One paper suggested regular cocoa intake led to improved mental function in elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment, a condition which is often a precursor to dementia, he recalls。他想起说,曾有一篇随想商议到,可可脂的普通摄入能抓实有一线认识损伤的老者的思维效应,认识损伤平日被作为是表皮囊肿的先兆。


  1. Find a lifelong companion;

  2. Find a job I love to do;

  3. Find a business that can be well paid;

  4. Earn enough money to realize my dream of financial freedom;

  5. Become strong both physicaly and mentally;

  6. Grow up into an expert in the business I engage in;

  7. The whole family live a healthy and harmonious life;

"There is data in rats showing that they live longer and have better cognitive function when they eat chocolate, and even in snails you can show that the snail memory is actually improved," he says。“而通过对老鼠的实验,吃过巧克力后它们的寿命和体会均有所提升,即便是以蜗牛为试验指标,也足以窥见她们的纪念力确实有所进步。”他左券。

A crowd of children were playing down in the street, and, as soon as they saw the storks, one of the boldest boys, followed by the others, began to sing the old song about storks. They sang it just as their leader remembered it:
  "Stork, stork, long-legged stork,
  Off to your wife you'd better fly.
  She's waiting for you in the nest,
  Rocking four young ones to rest.
  "The first he will be hanged,
  The second will be stabbed,
  The third he will be burned,
  And the fourth will be slapped巧克力吃得多得诺贝尔几率大。!"

And so on. And now I really dream of winning a lottery and the bonus can be 50 million Yuan or more.

So Messerli took the number of Nobel Prize winners in a country as an indicator of general national intelligence and compared that with the nation's chocolate consumption. The results - published in the New England Journal of Medicine - were striking。于是,Messerli选拔了贰个国家获得诺Bell奖的总人口作为这个国家的一般国民素质目标,然后与这个国家的巧克力花费量相比,他的意识成果很令人吃惊,前段时间该探讨结果已刊登在《新英格兰工学期刊》上。


It seems I have too many dreams. If I depend on the God to help me realize them, maybe the God would feel tiresome as well. 

"When you correlate the two - the chocolate consumption with the number of Nobel prize laureates per capita - there is an incredibly close relationship," he says。“当您将巧克力开支量与收获诺Bell奖的总人口比较时,你会开采两个兼有紧凑关联。”他如是说。

"Just listen to what they are saying!" cried the little stork children. "They say we're going to be hanged and burned!"


"This correlation has a 'P value' of 0.0001. This means there is a less than one-in-10,000 probability that this correlation is simply down to chance."“其假定概率为0.0001,意味着一千0个样本中才会油但是生叁个特例。”


I will let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours.

It might not surprise you that Switzerland came top of the chocolate-fuelled league of intelligence, having both the highest chocolate consumption per head and also the highest number of Nobel laureates per capita。情理之中,瑞士联邦位居‘巧克力加油智力联盟’的第几个人,其每人巧克力费用量和人均诺Bell奖人数均位列第一。

"Don't pay any attention to that," replied the mother stork crossly. "Don't listen to them, and then it won't make any difference."


Sweden, however, was an anomaly. It had a very high number of Nobel laureates but its people consumed much less chocolate on average。瑞典王国的状态则有一部分新鲜,其诺Bell奖获奖人数异常高,但巧克力花费量比较平均。


From Bob Dylan.

Messerli has a theory: "The Nobel prize obviously is donated or evaluated in Sweden [apart from the Peace Prize] so I thought that the Swedes might have a slightly patriotic bias。对此,Messerli有投机的说教:“诺Bell奖是在瑞典评出(除了和平奖),所以本身感到瑞典或者一小点偏幸。”

But the boys went on singing and pointing mockingly at the storks with their fingers. Only one boy, whose name was Peter, said it was a shame to make fun of the birds, and he wouldn't join the others.

Bod Dylan, whose original name was Robert Allen Zimmerman and born on May 24, 1941, is an American poetic songwriter, singer, painter, writer and Nobel Prize laureate. 

"Or the other option is that the Swedes are excessively sensitive and only small amounts stimulate greatly their intelligence, so that might be the reason that they have so many Nobel Prize laureates."“也许瑞士人不胜敏感,只需一丝丝巧克力就会振作振作他们的能力,所以她们才会有这么多的诺Bell奖得到者。”


He has beeen influential in popular music and modern culture for more than five decades.

We conducted our own, entirely unscientific, survey to ascertain just how much chocolate Nobel laureates ate。大家实行了截然未有科学依附的查验,来探知诺Bell奖获得者们的巧克力费用量。

The mother stork tried to comfort her children. "Don't let that bother you at all," she said. "Look how quietly your father is standing, and only on one leg, too!"

Most of his famous and celebrated work can be dated back to 1960s, when his songs chronicled social unrest.

克Rees多夫 Pissarides, from the London School of Economics, reckons his chocolate consumption laid the foundations for his Nobel Prize for Economics in 二〇〇八.来自London经院的Christopher·皮萨Reade斯预计了他在获取二〇〇八年诺Bell法学奖前的巧克力成本量。


And he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016.

"Throughout my life, ever since I was a young boy, chocolate was part of my diet. I would eat it on a daily basis. It's one of the things I eat to cheer me up。“在本身的生存中,当自己依然个幼童时,巧克力就改为作者饮食的一有的。作者每一天都吃巧克力,它能使本身振奋起来。”

"But we're very much frightened!" insisted the young storks, and they drew their heads far back into the nest.

OK, now I know this guy, and I think he is qualified to be in many people's dreams, even without their presence in his dream.

"To win a Nobel Prize you have to produce something that others haven't thought about - chocolate that makes you feel good might contribute a little bit. Of course it's not the main factor but... anything that contributes to a better life and a better outlook in your life then contributes to the quality of your work."“要想赢得诺Bell奖,你得做出一些外人想不到的政工——巧克力让您以为好大概只是里面包车型客车一丁点进献,当然不是尤为重要缘由。任何能使您生活越来越好一些的事物还要也对你的劳作质量有贡献。”

Next day, when the children came out to play and saw the storks, they began their song again:
  "The first he will be hanged,
  The second will be burned!"

But for the rest of us, the only way we can be in other's dreams may be to let the one in our own dreams first.

However, Rolf Zinkernagel - the largely Swiss-educated 一九九八 Nobel Prize winner for medicine - bucks his national trend。可是,以往在瑞士联邦攻读,后荣获1996年诺Bell工学奖的洛夫·辛克纳吉却不是巧克力开销大户。


We must give first, then we have the chances to receive.

"I am an outlier, because I don't eat more than - and never have eaten more than - half a kilogram of chocolate per year," he says。“作者不是上述内部的一员,因为小编一年中吃过的巧克力向来不当先1千克。”他说道。

"Are we really going to be hanged and burned?" asked the young storks.

These days I have been entangled in the relationships with two girls, I know who I love more, but I haven't taken enough courage to refuse the other.

罗Bert Grubbs, an American who shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 二〇〇六, says he eats chocolate whenever possible。与外人合伙得到二零零五年诺Bell化学奖的罗Bert·格拉布代表她一再吃巧克力。


Actually, I am not good at refusing others, that may be one of the reasons why I always feel tired and exhausted.

"I had a friend who introduced me to chocolate and beer when we were younger. I have transferred that now to chocolate and red wine.I like to hike and I eat chocolate then, I eat chocolate whenever I can."“作者年轻时有个对象向自个儿介绍了巧克力和白酒,而未来自身的习贯是巧克力和白酒。笔者喜欢徒步游历后吃巧克力,笔者时时都吃巧克力。”

"No, certainly not", replied their mother. "You're going to learn to fly! I'll teach you. Then we'll fly out over the meadows and visit the frogs; they'll bow down to us in the water and sing, 'Co-ax! Co-ax!' and then we'll eat them up. That'll be a lot of fun!"

However, it may be very simple to say no, which will make the life much more easier.

But this is a controversial subject。但这是个自相争持的焦点。


Grubbs' countryman, Eric Cornell, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 二零零零, told Reuters: "I attribute essentially all my success to the very large amount of chocolate that I consume. Personally I feel that milk chocolate makes you stupid… dark chocolate is the way to go. It's one thing if you want a medicine or chemistry Nobel Prize but if you want a physics Nobel Prize it pretty much has got to be dark chocolate."格拉布的同僚,曾获得2002年诺Bell物历史学奖的Eric·康奈尔告诉美联社:“我将笔者有所的成功归功于笔者吃掉的巧克力,个人认为牛奶巧克力会使人变笨,黑巧克力是最佳的。”

"And then what?" asked the young storks.

But when More or Less contacted him to elaborate on this comment, he changed his tune。但当《More or Less》就那一件事联系访谈她时,他改成了上下一心的说法。

"Then the storks from all over the country will assemble for the autumn maneuvers," their mother continued. "And it is of great importance that you know how to fly well then, for if you can't, the general will stab you dead with his beak; so when I start to teach you, pay attention and learn well."

"I deeply regret the rash remarks I made to the media. We scientists should strive to maintain objective neutrality and refrain from declaring our affiliation either with milk chocolate or with dark chocolate," he said。“对于小编一度的不慎言论小编以为缺憾,作为化学家应该保持中立可观,制止对牛奶巧克力或黑巧克力表现过度的喜恶。”

"Oh, then we'll be stabbed, just the way the boys say! And listen, there they go, saying it again!"

"Now I ask that the media kindly respect my family's privacy in this difficult time."“作者期待媒体能在此刻尊重自个儿的家园隐衷。”


It might surprise you that we are trying to make a serious point. This is a classic case where correlation, however strong, does not mean causation。你恐怕会感觉惊愕,大家想在此演讲一种得体的观点:纵然稍微事件时期存在重重提到,但并不表示她们便是因果关系。

"Never mind them; pay attention to me," said Mother Stork. "After the big maneuvers, we'll fly away to the warm countries, oh, so far away from here, over mountains and forests. We'll get to Egypt, where they have three-cornered houses of stone that come up to a point higher than the clouds. They call them pyramids, and they're even older than a stork could imagine. They have a river there too, that runs out of its bed, and turns the whole land to mud! We walk about in that mud, eating frogs."

Messerli gave us another example. In post-war 德文y, the human birth rate fell along with the stork population. Were fewer storks bringing fewer babies?Messerli给大家举了别的二个例子,在战后德意志联邦共和国,人口出生率与鹳的多寡均下挫,那是还是不是鹳的减少导致婴孩减弱呢?

“不要在意他们,专注力放在本人身上,”鹳鸟老母说,“在大练兵之后,大家将会飞离这里去温暖的国度,哦,这里离此地相当的远,飞过高山和树林,大家将会飞去阿拉伯埃及共和国(The Arab Republic of Egypt)(The Arab Republic of Egypt),那儿有三角石头房屋,房顶是尖的,高高的伸进云层,大家叫它金字塔,它依旧比别的鹳鸟所能想象的还年长。他们那边有一条河,河水从河道流出,会让一切陆地形成泥地!大家在泥地上走着,吃着青蛙。”
"Oh!" cried the young storks.


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